Resources for Restaurant Support and Relief Amid COVID-19

by Brad Finegan

on April 2, 2020
Guests and owners alike have come together to lift one another up, keep things financially stable and support their favorite restaurant.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most inspiring things about our reaction has been the industry’s ability to help those companies in need. With the restaurant industry going through such a turbulent time, guests and owners alike have come together to lift one another up, keep things financially stable and support their favorite restaurant.

There are a lot of great digital resources for those in trouble. During this time, NuArx wants to ensure that our customers know the facts, and where to find relief in this trying time. Below are some links that may provide helpful resources during the coming weeks facing COVID-19.

Spill The Dish
For restaurants currently struggling, “Spill The Dish” is a database of location-based financial aid and support. Just enter your category of protection and your city to find helpful financial aid options to keep your business up and running.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation
The RWCF has some great information on their homepage related to the COVID crisis and what restaurant workers need to know. There is also a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund that gives restaurants zero interest loans and provides direct relief to restaurants. Click here to learn how to apply for the relief.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Response Toolkit
The Chamber of Commerce has done a great job in supporting small businesses during this time of economic crisis. This toolkit comes with plenty of great resources to help restaurant and franchise owners navigate this difficult dilemma. We’ve included some highlights of the toolkit below:

  1. Emergency Loan Guide
    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released a guide for small business owners looking for small business loans in the face of the COVID pandemic. The guide includes a checklist of everything you’ll need for a small business loan application, including eligibility, forgiveness, and more. To learn more, see the U.S. COC’s press release.
  2. Customizable Safety Flyer
    Businesses wanting to communicate their efforts to keep employees and patrons safe during the coronavirus can customize this PDF flyer provided by the Chamber of Commerce. The PDF includes customizable dropdowns allowing you to choose most applicable practices to your business.

COVID Policy Tracker
This page is a multi-state resource containing changes in policy by state based on the everchanging circumstances of COVID-19. It is a constantly updated database containing all legislation related to the outbreak. Just click the link (not the screenshot) to access the spreadsheet and find up-to-date information on your state.

Small Business Owner’s Guide to The CARES Act
(Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)
This is a direct link to the Senate’s guide for Small Business Owners for how to secure a PPP loan through the recently passed CARES act. A full transcript of the bill can be found here.

CORE – Children of Restaurant Employees
CORE is a fund all about providing relief to the children of restaurant workers who are facing layoffs, furloughs, and the like. The link provided is a link for those looking to apply, but if you’re fortunate enough that you’re looking to donate, visit their homepage and select “Donate” in the top right.

We really want to provide those in need with all the best information possible. NuArx cares about the security of our customers and the restaurant employees everywhere who are facing such big obstacles right now. We will get through this pandemic together.

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