Your brand transformed.

Scale the newest technologies across the brand… every location, fast. 

A secure digital foundation powering the brand forward 

Through our proprietary blueprint process, NuArx designs and deploys a plug-and-play foundation across your brand accelerating deployment of new technologies.  And we give you the brand reporting intelligence you need!



Align Security and New Technology Together

Placing security as the enabler of IoT innovation instead of the hinderer allows us to move quickly and scale rapidly. We help you start realizing your digital revenue faster.

Critical Network Standardization

NuArx security and emerging tech experts partner with you to create an agile and plug-and-play infrastructure.

Deployment Scenarios

NuArx defines deployment scenarios for multiple network configurations. We get you to a place where there’s no longer deployment disruptions.

Change Management

NuArx defines change management parameters to ensure security and protection.



Achieve Standardization and 100% Compliance Brand-wide

Lack of standardization and non-compliance can slow digital deployments. Working with NuArx helps ensure scalable, PCI compliant and “future-proof” infrastructure.

PCI Portal

A comprehensive set of tools, including a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)-wizard, to simplify PCI compliance requirements.

Managed Firewall

We configure, manage and monitor firewalls to protect against known and emerging threats. We provide Unified Threat Management (UTM)-based firewalls or manage your existing hardware.

Continuous Compliance Management

We can ensure 100% brand-wide PCI compliant with our managed solution — let our dedicated PCI experts worry about due dates, tasks and remediation activities!

Enterprise SIEM

New technology can unknowingly introduce new vulnerabilities. Advanced response tools and log management to detect all suspicious activity.  

$100k in Data Breach Protection

Guaranteeed $100k in data breach protection, including personally identifiable information (PII) protection services. No deductible.


Enable IoT Readiness and Availability

Deliver an efficient flow of IoT innovation to keep pace with changing technology and consumer behavior. And don’t let the Internet go down! NuArx’s redundant high availability solution eliminates interruptions and stops revenue loss due to downtime.  

MyNuArx Brand Intelligence

Priceless brand reporting and intelligence at your finger tips in a “single pane of glass” dashboard.

Incremental Deployment Scenarios

A “future-proof” network infrastructure to scale the latest IoT innovation. 

High Availability

Automated backup Internet continuity solution to keep key business systems up and running. Keep swiping!

ISP Trouble Handling

Proactive monitoring of ISP service interruptions on your behalf. We troubleshoot and resolve interruption on your behalf without your direct involvement. 

Get priceless brand intelligence to drive innovation faster

Brands use a secure, compliant foundation as their strategic advantage to accelerate their technology objectives faster than competitors. Are you keeping up or being left in the dust? 

With NuArx, you outpace the competition with 100% brand visibility and brand-wide PCI compliance ready for the “next big thing”. 

The brand security and compliance intelligence dashboard you need 

With MyNuArx, we know where you are today and where you can go. A “single pane of glass” allows you to assess brand safety, compliance and connectivity visibility. 

Executive Reporting

Get detailed reporting and track month-over-month progress on your strategic objectives.

Real-time Compliance Visibility

Show real-time compliance progress and ensure every site completes their requirements.

Security Trends and Intel

View trends and patterns to determine whether vulnerabilities exist across your brand or if they are isolated to a few sites.

Accountability for Every Location

Drill down to the individual site and ensure every location meets your standards and policies.

Strengthen your brand’s technology support team

No more IT headacheswe’re your strategic IT partner along for the ride.

24/7 x 365 Technical Support

An always-available U.S.-based service desk. Available via email, chat, phone and MyNuArx portal.

License & Firmware Management

We manage patches, firmware updates and license updates — remotely without any disruptions.

Notification Alerts

Get device availability alerts and notifications about  security events how you want. 

Network Circuit Monitoring

We monitor primary upstream circuits and auto-failover to our redundant backup connection during a disruption.

Next Business Day Replacement

We provide quick replacement for failed devices.

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