We have all been in a situation where our internet has failed us at the absolute worst time. For business owners, internet failures does not just mean no access to social media. It means decreased sales.  In the age of technology and information, almost every function of business relies on internet connectivity in some way or another. So, when the dreaded “No Networks Available” message appears – everything comes to a screeching halt. It is in times like these that we wish there was a safety net to keep our metaphorical wheels spinning.

LTE Failover is critical for restaurant and retail merchants who rely on fast purchase transactions. It works as a secondary connection via LTE/3G/4G networks which are the same networks that cell phones use to connect to the internet rather than traditional WiFi. An additional wireless gateway is installed at a place of business that ties into the primary router. This process permits essential functions to run effectively during downtime.  LTE Failover allows for critical business operations, like point of sales systems, to remain in operation. No more missed sales opportunities because of a service disruption!

NuArx Inc. offers LTE Failover services and more to protect your business. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Call us at 877-566 -8279

Click Here for a Printable LTE Failover Informational Document

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