Managed SIEM as a Service

Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an important element of any IT security strategy.

NuArx’s SIEM as a Service gives business owners a cost effective and actionable solution to network and device security, logging, and event management so threats can be identified and appropriate steps taken.

Layered with our Stateful inspection firewall, our SIEM as a Service approach provides real-time analysis of PCI related alerts generated by firewalls and point of sale systems. We help merchants and enterprise owners meet PCI compliance requirements for security log review and file integrity monitoring without costly investments in hardware and IT staff.

Our Security Operations Center will monitor and manage events and activities within your environment and notify you when critical events need your attention. For added convenience, SIEM as a Service PCI compliance reports are available via the portal.

Our solution includes:


  • Centralized Log Storage
  • Automated Log Review for PCI DSS
  • File Integrity Monitoring*
  • Configuration and File Change Detection
  • Authentication Activity*
  • Privileged Access Events*
  • Operating System & Device-level activity*
  • Critical System Failures
  • Unified Threat Management Events
    *Requires software agent



  • No License or Hardware Costs
  • No need for additional security staff
  • Cloud-based platform and centralized management
  • Reduce Mean Time to Threat Identification




Protect Your Brand Equity.

Data Security Policies
Vulnerability Scanning
Managed Firewall
Secure Remote Access
Level 1 and 2 Merchants

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