Data Protection & PCI Compliance for Retail Stores

Keep your retail store PCI compliant.

Complete data protection and PCI Compliance from NuArx.

214,980 Data records lost or stolen every hour

PCI compliance for retail stores is of monumental importance. As a retail business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your store is PCI compliant. Within a year of a data breach 7 out of 10 businesses close. The importance of data protection is consistently rising, placing a strict emphasis on the need for PCI compliance. Failure to remain compliant puts your company and your customers are risk.

  • Businesses that close within 1 year following a data breach 70% 70%

With a strong background and defined expertise in PCI compliance, NuArx will work with you to make your retail location(s) compliant. Additionally, NuArx will create secure network connections for your entire store, helping safeguard your customers’ credit card information and protect your brand equity.

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Protect Your Brand Equity.

Data Security Policies
Vulnerability Scanning
Managed Firewall
Secure Remote Access
Level 1 and 2 Merchants

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