PCI Compliance for Restaurants | Credit Card Breach Protection

Protect your restaurant or franchise and reduce your risk of a credit card breach.

NuArx Specializes in PCI Compliance for Restaurants and Credit Card Breach Protection. As a restaurant, one of your main concerns is having credit card breach protection. NuArx understands that maintaining PCI compliance for your Restaurant is extremely important and we are here to help with that process. Each year, millions of credit card numbers are stolen, causing more than $1 billion in losses and financial ruin for individual locations.

NuArx works with restaurants and franchisees to provide secure network connections for each store. We not only help protect each customer’s credit card information, we guide each business to compliance. 

NuArx’s SecurePCI® solution protects your restaurant from the crippling financial effects of credit card theft while reducing the risk of a data breach in the first place. SecurePCI delivers $100k of data breach protection, easy-to-use tools, training and the support you need to make PCI compliance simpler. NuArx is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).

With data breaches consistently on the rise, data security and PCI compliance is about more than protecting your customers, it’s about protecting your brand. Make sure you’re compliant and secure with NuArx and PCI Compliance for Restaurants.

$1 Billion in losses each year

At NuArx we specialize in quick service and casual dining restaurants.

Our managed PCI compliance for franchise brands addresses the unique needs of both the franchisees and corporate brand.

For the Franchisor

NuArx protects brand equity by reducing the risk of a brand-crippling data breach. This is accomplished through delivery of a comprehensive PCI compliance program. NuArx understands that meaningful risk reduction requires that 100% of locations be PCI compliant. A single non-compliant location becomes the brand’s weakest link.

Our solution simplifies the PCI compliance process. It includes the technology, tools and support that busy operators need to complete the requirements. We know that operators need hands-on assistance and our program delivers personalized support. Brand executives receive visibility to the progress of the PCI compliance initiative through weekly reporting and quarterly business reviews. The NuArx program also reduces the demands placed on corporate IT resources from operators needing help with PCI compliance. NuArx functions as an extension of the corporate IT team.

For the Franchisee

NuArx helps protect the owner’s investment from the financial devastation following a credit card data breach. Most operators are extremely busy and lack the time, resources and expertise to meet the arduous demands of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS). The NuArx program simplifies PCI compliance. For one affordable monthly charge, the owner receives everything they need to secure their information and demonstrate PCI compliance. Plus, NuArx is the only national PCI compliance vendor to provide every franchise owner with a named Account Manager.

SecurePCI® Solution Benefits

  • Protects brand equity through prevention of data breach
  • Provides 100% of the technology, tools and support needed to meet PCI DSS requirements
  • Provides hands on support from PCI compliance experts to explain the process and answer questions
  • Enables comprehensive visibility into the process of getting all locations PCI compliant
  • Delivers dashboards and quarterly reviews to review service levels and averted breach threats

NuArx offers PCi compliance services to all merchant levels, including a customized Enterprise Compliance Management solution for Level 1 & 2 merchants.

If you’re looking for more information about our managed PCI compliance solution for franchised brands, visit our SecurePCI product page.


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