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Never lose internet.

Never miss a sale.

Never lose a customer!  

Don’t let your business lose money due to an internet service disruption.

Retail and restaurant merchant operations are increasingly dependent on reliable internet connectivity to keep business running smoothly and the cash register ringing. A disruption in internet connectivity can lead to real loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

NuArx’s LTE Failover Service option will ensure that your POS network will still be able to process transactions in real-time, with no performance degradation. With NuArx’s LTE Failover, you’ll never lose internet. You’ll never miss a sale. Whether you have Broadband, Satellite or DSL internet connectivity, we can implement fully-automated Cellular failover that automatically detects a service interruption and seamlessly engages transactions via the cellular network. Futhermore, with an industry-leading 50 MB/month data plan, you can rest assured that your critical business functions keep running even if your Internet isn’t.


Internet Access 100% of the time.

Unreliable Internet? No Problem.  


Plug-and-Play installation

50MB/month data plan

Quick, simple activation

Full LTE speeds

24/7/365 US-based support team

Data usage monitoring & notifications

Free shipping and device replacement


Protect Your Brand Equity.

Data Breach Protection
Data Security Policies
Vulnerability Scanning
Managed Firewall
Secure Remote Access
Level 1 and 2 Merchants

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