Continuous Compliance Management

Protect Your Brand Equity.


Always be 100% PCI compliant with help from
NuArx’s Continuous Compliance Management (CCM)

Continuous Compliance Management (CCM)

Achieving PCI Compliance is often a difficult task. In fact, maintaining that compliance over time can be monumental, especially for small businesses that may not have full-time IT or compliance staffing. According to the 2017 Verizon Payment Security Report, almost half of all merchants that take card payments are failing to maintain compliance from year to year. So how can you maintain compliance and assure your customers that their information and identity hasn’t been compromised? NuArx has the answer with our Continous Compliance Management Solution. 

NuArx specializes in PCI compliance and offers customers the ability to maintain compliance with our industry exclusive program management approach. We take the guesswork out of PCI compliance and help our customers stay protected without requiring additional staff or investment.


NuArx’s Continuous Compliance Management

With the NuArx Continuous Compliance Management solution, our team of Compliance Specialists will provide hands-on, guided support to merchants to stay on top of:

  • Evolving PCI standards and requirements
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire completion
  • Quarterly scanning activities with remediation assistance
  • Security policy updates
  • Employee training
  • Attestation of Compliance

Each merchant is provided with a named account specialist who works with on-site personnel to complete PCI requirement tasks and ultimately achieve and maintain an Attestation of Compliance.

Let us worry about the due dates, tasks and activities so your team can concentrate on the things that matter most to growing your business.

Available with any of our SecurePCI Packages


continous compliance management

Protect Your Brand Equity.

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