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Careers – PCI Compliance Specialist

PCI Compliance Specialist

This role provides specialized assistance to the Retail Sales Team with sales and delivery support of our prospects and customers.

1. Meet the monthly quota.
2. Make a minimum number of 30 outbound calls to customers and prospects.
3. Use Salesforce as a daily sales tool, logging all activity within 24 hours of action
4. Activity participate in all sales campaigns, meeting the stated activity goals
5. Address all Return to Sales (RTS) orders within 48 hours of receipt
6. Write and submit clean sales orders
7. Directly and diligently follow the direct requests of your supervisors
8. Actively participate in all assigned and scheduled training sessions


Experience with MS Office Professional
Experience with MS Office Professional
• Good interpersonal skills; ability to effectively interact with a wide variety of people.
• Must have professional demeanor and ability to prioritize and work in a fast paced environment.
• Ability to function independently with minimum supervision


College Degree preferred with NuArx Account Management Experience

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