Cyber Security and the Expanding Digital Footprint

By P. Heaven

On June 5, 2018

Cyber Security and the Expanding Digital Footprint

As restaurant and retail operations grow increasingly dependent on technology, IT teams should prioritize taking regular, active measures to ensure the information linked to these technologies is secure.

Once upon a time, restaurant and retail owners only had to worry about point of sale systems. Now, these establishments have digital menu boards, self-ordering kiosks, guest WIFI, social media, online ordering, and payment applications which are all elements of operations that can be compromised. This expansion of the digital footprint in the retail space, could expose the network to a variety of vulnerabilities. Personal and payment information top the list of compromised data obtained through the exploitation of security vulnerabilities, accounting for 63% of all incidents, according to the 2018 Verizon Breach Investigation Report.


Common Vulnerabilities Include:

Firewall Best Practices

Having a properly configured and managed firewall is a core requirement of the PCI Data Security Standards. However, in order to ensure security, business owners should make sure that these devices are maintained regularly. A firewall is not a “set it and forget it solution,” it is a key element of defense against unwelcomed cyber threats. Furthermore, access to firewalls should be restricted to very few individuals and remote access should be avoided completely, if at all possible.

Network Connectivity and Network Sharing

Do you offer free wireless internet to your customers? Did you know that hackers can use your login page to capture guest information and gain access to sensitive business data? It’s important to make sure that you keep essential and non-essential restaurant assets on different networks for added security.

Regular Scans

Taking the time to regularly scan your network security for vulnerabilities is essential to Protecting Your Brand | Business | Customers. Knowing where your weaknesses are and taking steps to remedy them is the first step in preventing cyber criminals from making an unwelcomed appearance. This is where most business owners fall short of expectations, but there are solutions available that take the responsibility of scans off of your plate by assigning you a dedicated account manager who can conduct your scans for you and offer suggestions to further secure your network. For more on this solution, visit our Continuous Compliance Management informational webpage.

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